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Our People

The asset and key to our success



Since joining Lödige almost 5 years ago I have learned so many new things: colleagues taught me about the industry and shared their knowledge with me. At Lödige there are no limitations for growth and I have always been encouraged to reach farther, improve my knowledge and develop new skills. Not a day the same and, for me, it is this variety that makes working at Lödige truly enjoyable. Lödige is people-focused and throughout the company’s growth and development, this remains strong. We are now at a time of rapid growth and exciting new global initiatives. This is an exciting time to be working at Lödige and I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that come with the expansion of the business.”

Siya He - HR Officer


Within 11 years that I have worked for Lödige, I have experienced many exciting new things, and gained a vast amount of knowledge. In this period, I have grown and developed from an assistant project engineer to a project manager, a role I am proud to fill. Lödige is constantly working on new projects all around Asia, and I have had the fortune of gaining professional cultural experiences in China, Korea, and Malaysia as well as in Hong Kong, just to name a few. I find myself surrounded by a multitude of talented and welcoming people, who constantly provide support. This support allowed me to deliver an outstanding solution for BMW in Shenyang, China - resulting in a merit award for exemplary employee of the year 2014. I have always felt appreciated, throughout my entire 11-year journey with this company.”

Daniel Woo - Project Manager





Half way through my engineering degree, I received the opportunity to undergo a six-month internship with Lödige Asia at the Hong Kong office. I have gained a large amount of practical engineering and logistics knowledge, and expanded many of my transferrable skills – both technical and soft skills. All employees took their time to help me discover my potential, and guide me in my learning. The environment within the office is friendly and open, while remaining at a high professional standard. I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with a company that is only going to continue to grow and create the highest quality products and services. Everything I have learnt from this experience has been invaluable.

 Kate Leone - Junior Engineering Intern



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