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2016-10-31   Hong Kong

Health and Safety Slogan Award


At Lödige, safety is more than just a priority - it is a core value and an integral part of our culture that applies to every aspect of our operations. We are committed to doing the right thing, in the right way, every time so that every our employee comes home from work safe and healthy each day. Lödige employs consistent worldwide practises to address security challenges in the diverse locations where we work. 

As a result of our disciplined safety approach, we decided to motivate our employees to come out with an idea for the best Health and Safety Slogan Award. Our employee, Mr. Wong Wai Kwong, won the first prize for the Health and Safety Slogan Award and set up a commitment to our continuous improvement. Second prize was nominated to Mr. Chan Ka Ping.

We will never stop working to our new slogan of "Innovation is our vision, safety is our mission". 



 Mr. Wong Wai Kwong (Assistant Engineer, Lödige Asia) and Mr. Jeff Read (Managing Director, Lödige Asia)