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2016-07-05   Ingolstadt

Two Lödige LorryLifts for the Logistic Center in Ingolstadt

Lödige Industries GmbH has received an order for the delivery of two LorryLifts to the Logistic Center in Ingolstadt.

LorryLifts were shipped to Ingolstadt via heavy transport - the first one two weeks ago and the second one yesterday. The ordered LorryLifts (scissor lifts) can raise loaded trucks up to the height of 10 m. Both of them have load capacity of 44 t. They are loaded and unloaded from one side.

In 2013 Lödige Industries delivered three LorryLifts of similar construction to the Logistic Center in Ingolstadt. pbb Planung + Projektsteuerung GmbH was responsible for planning and design of the new hall.

The Lödige LorryLifts have very impressive capacity:

Load capacity: 44 t
Lifting height: 10.80 m
Platform dimensions: 20 m x 3.50 m
Construction height: 2.95 m
Lifting speed: 0.07 m/s
Tare weight: 68 t

16.06.2016 - Functional test of the LorryLift at the plant in Scherfede:



20.06.2016 - Loading of the first LorryLift:

 04.07.2016 - Loading of the second LorryLift

LKW Aufzug | Lödige Industries | Verladung

LKW Aufzug | Lödige Industries | Verladung

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